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    Merge branch 'main' into 'main' · 777378c1
    Deepak Khatri authored
    Cleanup AI-64
    See merge request !72
    (cherry picked from commit 48521166)
    e022461d Merge branch 'main' of
    e7d360ac Merge branch 'main' of
    8f6f1a8f Revert "Cleanup AI-64"
    c41268e4 Add graphviz and move beagleconnect project
    f0f934bd Try graphviz
    aff59e88 Update BeagleV-Ahead license terms
    c45bf163 Merge branch 'main' of
    db4f289a update librobotcontrol
    be4e612c Clean-up board landing pages
    c8e50111 projects: fix paths
    b9e26d3a Merge branch 'main' of
    7912e911 Redo the introduction
    bb0ccb64 Complete beagle101 move
    dc8628f0 beagle101: fix toc
    4f5fa485 Restore getting-started to the ToC
    66717a6f beagleconnect: fix image path
    db54f941 beagleconnect: adjust headings
    ec3e8345 Update BVF support details
    d67ae0d6 beagleconnect: add image for moved project
    6e2fd94e ci: try to fail on error
    252c8a5a linux: try some table fixes
    bc7bee15 Merge branch 'main' of
    89518f70 beagleconnect: cleanup diagram source
    666bd837 linux: fix name
    7438b5d4 librobotcontrol: start simple for now
    c126d29f Merge branch 'main' of
    7d131672 Merge branch 'main' of
    b981e879 Fix fire forum link
    16836c07 capes are under boards, so same with the ToC for now
    9fb4c835 index: refresh
    c3003392 beagleconnect: try indenting graph
    f72cbd02 fire: fix OSHW mark
    5cdc805a pocket: move intro text before license
    d8e65ea3 Merge branch 'main' of
    36f3c3af Add copy button
    c7dbbc89 Merge branch 'main' of
    4013703c remove image heights
    812a279e clean up shell-session
    fb7e3295 Add latest image links in seprate file
    0ef0c693 Add latest OS images file
    8bf2e5f2 Udpate BeagleBoard (all) index page
    51ee0dc4 Add BeagleBone AI chapter thumbnails
    5e8b5084 ai-64: Add some PNG image versions
    8aba32bb Merge branch 'main' of
    8193d357 Update licensing deamon links
    6c5c362b Merge branch 'main' of
    12aa5a7f Fix Microchip-FPGA-Tools-Setup link
    d5cc1c7f Update blink LED page
    2c210ab3 Fix issues from !67
    f2ecd67d Merge branch 'main' of
    49a2d8df Minor capitalization and pluralization fixes
    d5f1afb4 Merge branch 'main' of
    89770831 Clear up some USB confusion
    5963e845 Add BeagleBone AI-64 hardware design images
    4e279b41 rename folder from images to media
    04846952 Add BB AI-64 chapter thumbnails
    f3dca69c cables: fix footnote
    e291aa6a play: remove unfriendly note
    9fbce11b Disable todo items in
    6fbe0676 Add AI-64 component placement diagrams
    7df49eee Add AI-64 P8 cape header pinout diagram
    1961e5ac Add AI-64 P9 cape header pinout diagram
    f6ce9554 Fix BeagleV Fire P9 pinout diagram
    5a598b46 fire: mchp tools setup: directly include setup script
    142a075c contribute: add pointer to todos for ->
    4dade22c Merge branch 'main' of
    128cf305 bbai64: losing my mind trying to figure this out
    f3f2e5e3 bbai64: fix index image paths
    12bdba9f beagleconnect: try to fix graphviz diagram
    9321eb00 Fix AI-64 pinout diagram
    0988a1c4 bbai64: hacking image links
    74bf106f Merge branch 'main' of
    94b92c07 Restructure AI-64 chapters